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Driver Education (Teens)
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About Driver Education (Teens)

Students who successfully complete this course will receive their completion card for the Permit Test. This is the classroom portion of Driver Education and does not include the Behind the Wheel.  More info on the what do you do after you have completed the 30 hours of classroom?

Thank you for trusting us with your needs for enrichment, connection and learning. Your wellness is our top priority. Community Education follows health and safety guidelines set by the Prior Lake-Savage School District. Please review the PLSAS Back-to-School Safe Learning Plan on our District Website.

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  • Point of Impact (Parents/Guardians Only)

    Minnesota statue now requires new drivers testing for a driver’s license to submit a written driving log showing a minimum of 50 completed hours of behind the wheel practice. The requirements can be reduced to 40 hours if one or more of the student’s parents attend a Point of Impact supplemental training. This parent training opportunity covers a wide variety of topics, including the GDL (Graduated Driver Licensing) information, safety risks for teen drivers, potential adult influence on teen driving behavior, and additional resources for student drivers and parents. Handing over the keys to your kid is a big deal! Come prepare yourself! Driving Log Sample
  • Driver Education (Ages 14.5+) - 30 hours of Classroom

    Driver Education classes will be held in-person and online. Please see the class options, dates, times and locations below. Here you will register for the classroom portion only. Behind-the-wheel (BTW) is not included with this registration. Students age 14.5 can start Driver Education. After students complete 30 hours of classroom, students age 15+ can test for permit at testing station. Students then schedule six hours Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) lessons (three separate 2-hour lessons). Students age 16+ who complete BTW and Supervised Driving Log can test for license at testing station. Required Supervised Driving Log: Option 1) Students log 50 hours/3,000 minutes (of which 15 hours/900 minutes are night driving) before testing for license. Option 2) Parent’s/Guardian’s (only) attend Point of Impact class then students log 40 hours/2,400 minutes (of which 15 hours/900 minutes are night driving) before testing for license. Driver Education Frequently Asked Questions Who teaches the class? Community Education contracts A+ Driving School out of Lakeville to teach our classes. At what age can students start Driver Education? Age 14.5. How do students register for Driver Education? | Work 952-226-0310 | Fax 952-226-0379 | Community Education 5061 Minnesota Se SE, Prior Lake, MN 55372 (Monday - Friday, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm). How do students cancel or transfer Driver Education registration? Call Community Education 952-226-0310 up to five business days before the first day of class to be issued a full refund or to transfer to another session. What if student misses days of Driver Education? Students can miss no more than two days of Classroom. Missed days will need to be made up in another session. What if a day of Driver Education is cancelled? Comm. Ed. will email or call regarding cancellation and rescheduling. When & where can students test for permit? Students age 15+ who complete all 30 hours of classroom can test for permit at testing station ex. Eagan, Hastings & Chaska ( What do students need to test for permit? Certificate of Completion (Blue Card) and state required documentation. What if student lost Certificate of Completion (Blue Card)? Please contact A+ Driving School (952-469-4656) for replacement card. Is there a minimum amount of time a student is required to have a permit before testing for license? Yes, 6 months. What is the Point of Impact class? An optional class for parent’s/guardian’s (only) with information about rules and regulation for student drivers, which reduces the amount of hours’ students log on the Supervised Driving Log. What is the Supervised Driving Log? A state required log of student’s supervised driving before license. The state requires 50 hours/3,000 minutes (of which 15 hours/900 minutes are night driving). Do Behind-the-Wheel lessons count towards hours of supervised driving? No Can attending the Point of Impact class reduce the amount of hours required on the Supervised Driving Log? Yes, if parent’s/guardian’s (only) attends the class, they receive a Certificate of Attendance, which reduces the hours’ to 40 hours/2,400 minutes (of which 15 hours/900 minutes are night driving). When & where can students test for license? Students age 16+ who has had permit for minimum of 6+ months, completed BTW, Supervised Driving Log can test for license at testing station ex. Eagan, Chaska & Hastings ( What do students need to test for license? Permit, Behind-the-Wheel Certificate of Completion (White Card), Supervised Driving Log with either 50 hours or 40 hours and a parent’s/guardian’s Certificate of Attendance from Point of Impact class, and state required documents. Do students age 18+ need to take Driver Education? No, at age 18+ students can go directly to a testing station, test for permit, have a permit for 6+ months, then test for license.