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  • Connected: How to Show up for your Kids in the Digital Age - NEW!

    Help your child take advantage of opportunities online while avoiding risks. Our kids’ digital worlds are expanding quickly – unleashing both incredible benefits and emerging risks. Many schools are handing kids a tablet or laptop without a parenting guide to go with it! You deserve evidence-based resources, not fear-based soundbites, as you navigate screen time challenges. This self-paced online class cuts through conflicting information and delivers the essential parenting strategies for your child’s digital wellbeing. Best for parents of kids ages 8-16. Three modules or “Sparks” plus three months access after class initiation.
  • Say Yes to No: Why Kids Need Loving Boundaries and How to Set Them - NEW!

    Clarify your limits, avoid power struggles, and follow through with consistency and care. Setting limits and avoiding power struggles is a challenging part of parenting. Learn why setting clear boundaries with your children helps them manage their own behavior, consider others, and work through their big feelings. This self-paced online class will help you clarify your limits, learn how to communicate them, and gain the skills you need to follow through with consistency and care. Best for parents of kids ages 2-10. Three modules or “Sparks” plus three month access after class initiation.
  • Why Do They Act That Way? Proven Strategies to Understand and Stay Connected to Your Teen - NEW!

    Your teenager needs you now more than ever, even if they won’t tell you that. Figuring out to stay connected with your teen isn’t easy, especially as they jump on an emotional rollercoaster or start pulling away. Your teen’s brain is under construction and the more you know about the construction zones the more prepared you are to navigate them. This self-paced online class delivers the latest insight about the adolescent brain along with practical parenting strategies that reduce power struggles and build connection between you and your teen (or soon-to-be-teen) when they need it most. Best for parents of kids ages 8-18. Six modules or “Sparks” plus six month access after class initiation.