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  • Private/Special Needs Swim Lessons

    30 Minute Lessons • Lessons are adapted to each child’s specific needs and abilities. The difference lies in the instructional approach. • Our private and special needs classes teach the same skills as our other levels. • These one-on-one lessons give students who respond better to direct instruction a higher chance of success in staying focused and learning how to stay safe in the water. They also open up more teaching methods that are difficult to implement in a group lesson. • Both short and long term goals for these lessons are set with each family based on the abilities of the child. (Please note that this goal may not be reached within the session.) • Group lessons are also adapted to each child’s specific needs so far as the setting allows. Instruction • Instructors desire to work with the parents and student to allow the best chance for success. • During lessons, instructors work on basic floating skills, then progress to techniques to move to safety, and finally work on refining the breathing and stroke technique. Safety • Safety is the initial skill we teach in our classes. • We make sure children are safe and comfortable in and around the water. • Incorporating safety rules in each lesson is crucial so students know how to think and act in the many setting they can encounter water.