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  • Level 4A (Advanced Stroke Development)

    A child who enrolls in Level 4 Advanced should meet the following requirements: Is usually older than 10 years old Able to confidently swim the front and back crawl for 15 yards (over-water recovery, constant kicking, and rotary breathing for front crawl). Able to confidently perform all of the kicks: flutter kick, whip kick on front and back, scissors kick, and dolphin kick (They will be adding the arms in level 4 advanced) Flutter kick: starts at the hips, feet remain below surface (moderate splash okay), minimal bending of the knee Whip kick on front and back: Legs bend at the knees with heels going toward buttocks, feet go out to the side, knees come apart as feet whip around, glide for 4 seconds Scissors kick: lying on side with legs together, heels come up toward buttocks, top leg kicks out as bottom leg kicks back, legs squeeze together (like scissors), glide for 4 seconds. Dolphin kick: Legs stay close together, body moves forward as legs kick down and chest pushes down. Introduction to diving headfirst from a standing position