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  • Ski Trips (5th Grade only)

    Enjoy five nights of skiing or snowboarding at Buck Hill in Burnsville for a great package deal! This club is for 5th grade students who just want to have fun, make new friends and improve their skills. The fee includes group lessons (during the first three sessions) for Beginner skiers and snowboarders and an activity fee which covers one way transportation to Buck Hill and activity costs. Rental Equipment is included with Option A only. The fee for Option A includes rental equipment at no extra cost. For all other options, rental equipment is available at Buck Hill at an additional charge ($29/time). If you did not register for Option A and require rental, parents or students will need to bring a credit card for the ($29) rental to Buck Hill each session . Even if you child is not taking lessons (Option B), it is less expensive to choose Option A. Buck Hill encourages Option A. Transportation: The buses will pick-up after school at all elementary schools and La ola del lago. Parent permission for early release of students at Jeffers Pond and Glendale will be mentioned at the in-person. Students will be escorted to bus by a chaperone. The transportation is one-way so students need to be picked up at Buck Hill by the clock tower no later that 7:30 p.m. Supervision of students will end at 7:30 p.m. There will be a before school equipment drop-off site (trailer) at Grainwood ONLY for all schools. Students are not allowed to bring any equipment on regular school buses. Equipment drop-off time is 7:30-8:15 am. Please label and secure equipment together for safe keeping. A ski or snowboard bag is highly recommended to guard against scratches. Meals: Students will need to bring their own bag meal from home or money to purchase dinner items such as hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, etc. ($5-$7). Money can be placed on a Buck Hill debit card also. Cancellation: Due to adverse weather conditions – ski trips can be cancelled after your child has arrived at school. If school closes early – no ski trip…If all after school activities get cancelled – no ski trip. In these cases your child will be notified by a school announcement and will be sent home according to his/her normal routine. As a parent – be prepared!!! If you dropped off skis or snowboard – the pick-up will be the next morning from 7:30 to 8:15 a.m. (the usual drop-off time) at Grainwood – but pick-up at the front of the building. We always have the trailer moved up to the front door and extra patrol so skis/boards are more secure. If you cannot pick up your child’s equipment – please make arrangements for an alternated plan – neighbor, friends, etc. It makes it very hard to store equipment for a week in the school and we can’t guarantee its safety…If all other plans fail – you can call. If you are in doubt on a cancellation – call 952-226-0080. Normally we do not cancel unless the school does the cancellation. One more reason to make sure your child has warm clothing and face covering in some situations. Frostbite can happen quickly – your child is reminded of this by chaperones – but make sure they have adequate covering. Make-up session: If you miss one of 5 sessions, a make-up session will be offered at the conclusion of the season. However, chaperones and transportation are NOT provided for the make-up session. Chaperones: Parent chaperones are also needed each date listed below. Volunteer chaperones can receive an optional free lift ticket (for the evening they volunteer) if available (numbers are limited). Parent volunteers are recruited and background checked to assist students as needed. 5-week Packages: Option A (Includes rental equipment): 5 lift tickets with 3 beginner lessons - $249 Option B: 5 lift tickets with no lessons - $204 Option C: 3 lessons for season pass holders - $161 Option D: Activity fee for 5 week program for season pass holders/no lessons - $89. The activity fee allows PLSAS to facilitate weekly field trips to Buck Hill, where open skiing, lift tickets, and optional lessons and equipment rental are available to registered students. Please note that PLSAS Community Education is providing access to these activities, but they are not PLSAS programs or staff. PLSAS Community Education does provide 1 staff person as a resource and point of contact for students. Optional Helmet Rental: $25 No Refunds after December 16, 2019. Questions? Contact Martha Walz at mwalz@priorlake-savage.k12.mn.us or 952-226-0010 or Community Education at 952.226.0080.
  • Ski Trips Helmet Rental

    Helmets are not required for Ski Club but recommended. If you do not want to purchase a helmet you can rent one from Buck Hill for $25. Please add this to your shopping cart if you would like to rent a helmet.