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  • 12 New Chicken Dishes

    Some classic, some quick, some spectacular for company but ALL healthy and delicious. In this hands-on class you will prepare and enjoy Chicken: Cordon Blue, Marsala with Sage, Philippine style Adobo, Strips with Spicy Honey Dipping Sauce, White Wine and Mushroom sauce, Crab-Stuffed Breasts, Crispy Parmesan Strips, Italian Lemon, Lemon Kebabs, Pineapple-Raspberry Nibbles, Raspberry Lime and lastly Roasted with Mushroom and Apples. 
  • Breakfast & Brunch - NEW!

    Brunch is great for weekend family event but it can also be fun for an entertaining evening! Learn all the tips and techniques to make perfect meal. You will make a cheese souffle, strata, a frittata, a simple puffy pancake served with lemon and confectioner's sugar. And yes, even a quiche! Unique breads and beverage ideas will also be available.  
  • Great MN Hot Dishes - NEW!

    Hot dish (n.) a one-dish supper baked in your oven using a single piece of cookware. Join us to create up to 15 sensational hot dishes using fresh ingredients (no canned soups) and easy preparation for a family meal or crowd-pleasing recipes for pot luck!Testimonial- "I love these cooking classes by Laurel!"
  • Green Smoothies & Healthy Snacks

    Are you curious about green smoothies? Are you looking for a natural solutions to meet you and your family's health challenges? Are you excited to learn how to make amazing smoothies that will fill you up, taste delicious and give you lasting energy? Green smoothies are helping people reclaim their health all over the world. Just by adding one Green Smoothie to your diet everyday, you can lose weight, increase energy, improve digestion, alkalize the body and feel amazing. What you get: Smoothie and healthy snack recipes; hands-on demonstration; tips, tricks and pointer that will help you make them on your own; delicious samples. 
  • Homemade Protein Bars & Energy Bites

    These have exploded in popularity as a way to help in the fueling and recovery of our workouts and also just as a healthy snack. Have you ever looked at the labels on those bars? Do you even know what half the ingredients are? A tasty, cost-effective and healthy option is to make your own. In the workshop you will have the opportunity to sample a few different types, then walk away with 1/2 dozen of bars and balls. Plus, you will have the recipes to make your favorites on your own. 
  • Kolaches - NEW!

    Kolaches are Czech bread like pastries, similar to Danishes or filled donuts, but not as sweet. Over the years in American Kolaches have evolved to look and taste different. Each baker even makes them a bit differently. Most are a closed bread roll, some are pastry like and open and yet another more like a thumbprint cookie. All originate from Europe and all are filled with yummy preserves. Learn the history of the Kolaches and create your own to take home. Please bring a flat container to bring the home in. 
  • Let's Make Dinner: Vomacka and Zelnicky (Ages 10+ w/Adult) - NEW!

    Never heard of it? Come learn how to make a new favorite, Vomacka, a yummy Czech soup and Zelnicky, the sauerkraut cracker to complete it. Filled with green beans and potatoes in a creamy sauce with a touch of apple cider vinegar, this soup is perfect for any evening this winter as it celebrates the harvests of the last season and looks forward to spring. Zelnicky's crisp flavors meld perfectly with the creamy goodness of Vomacka. 
  • Soft Pretzels - NEW!

    Whether you cover them in melted cheese or a bit of pretzel salt, you cannot deny that they are OH, so good! We spend money at the ball game or at the Mall for a Hot soft pretzel covered in butter or cinnamon dipped in cheese. Learn how to make these warm treats so you can enjoy them at home anytime. 
  • Spring Treats - NEW!

    All of those spring festivities will be here before you know it. Nancy will assist you in getting ready for a little of that. From cookie and bread ideas to simple cakes, you will be up and running in no time. This class will consist of demonstration and hands-on. You will take home a small box of the goodies. 
  • The Basics of Preserving Your Produce - NEW!

    With the growing season nearly upon us, it is time to learn the basics of home preservation. Once you know the basics, home canning and preservation is really quite easy. Homemade jams, spicy salsas, fresh beans, fermented cabbage can all be enjoyed during the cold winter months. Home canning, dehydrating or freezing of fresh food provides a number of benefits including lower grocery bills, sustainable lifestyles and better nutrition through control of the ingredients that go into your food. This class will introduce you to tools/equipment, food safety and produce/ingredient selection needed to successfully do it this season and for many years to come. Supply Fee ($5) included in tuition.