Minimalism, Downsizing and the Tiny House Lifestyle - NEW!

Kim Kasl, her husband Ryan and their kids swapped their 2000 sq. ft. house for their 267 sq. ft. Tiny House in September 2014. They now can be a one-income family, home school, pursue passions and adventures and say YES to every opportunity. Kim’s pursuit is to normalize family-style minimalism in a culture where “stuff-gluttony” is the accepted norm. Kim’s mission is to affirm for families that on their journey to family-style minimalism they will remove the excess and be abundantly blessed. Through pictures and stories Kim inspires personal change, gives practical steps to take and encourages acceptance of Tiny House as viable and sustainable dwellings in a mindful society. 

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  Kim Kasl

  District Services Center : Large Conference


  Sep 21 - Sep 28
  6:30 - 8:00 pm

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