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  • 6 Steps to Changing Your Habits - NEW!

    Learn how to make positive health habits that last and get you the life you desire through this 6-step method. You will discover why previous attempts at making new habits haven't stuck. This habit change method is guaranteed to bring you success. Leave with the best 3 health habits to start with for the most success and walk away never again having to be stuck in the vicious cycle of trying and failing to make a change in your life. This class is focused on making health habits easier but it also works in every area of life!
  • The Strategic College Student (Ages 12+) - NEW!

    How to Get Higher Grades While Studying Less Than Most Other People (It's recommended, but not required, that students ages 12-26 and their parents attend this session together.) There's not a student alive who wouldn't love to get higher grades than anyone else while studying LESS than most other people. In this class, students age 12-26 and their parents will learn the advanced studying, test-taking, and paper-writing strategies that top students use to succeed at the most prestigious colleges in the country while still having plenty of time left over for leadership, interning and having more fun that they ever thought possible. Students will leave at the end of this class armed with a systematic review method developed at Carnegie Mellon University that can completely eliminate the need to ever cram for exams. Are you a student age 12-26? This class will help you to maximize your potential in high school and in college, give you more time to relax, and help you to become a top contender both for scholarships and for career or grad school success after college. Who should attend this class?This class is ideal for current middle and high school students, current college and graduate students and teens who will be starting dual enrollment college courses this coming fall. Parents are encouraged to attend as well.