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  • Drivers Education - Classroom Part 1 of 2 (Permit)

    Any student age 14.5 or older can take the Permit Course (Part 1 - $185.00) and the Skills Course (Part 2 -$0.00).  Part 2 can be taken right after Part 1 or within 90 days. Students at age 15 test for their learner’s permit at a state testing station. After permit students take 6 hours Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) training (3 separate 2-hour lessons). A+ Driving School, our independent provider offers BTW lessons ($65.00 per lesson) which are not a part of Community Education.Supervised Driving Log: Option 1). Parent/Guardian attends Point of Impact and log requires 40 hours (2,400 minutes) of supervised driving, 15 hours/900 minutes are night time. Option 2). Parent/Guardian does not attend optional Point of Impact and log requires 50 hours (3,000 minutes) of supervised driving, 15 hours/900 minutes are night time.ClickHERE to print out paper forms.
  • Drivers Education - Classroom Part 2 of 2 (Skills)

    Prerequisite: Permit Course (Part 1 of 2)Community Education and A+ Driving School offers a comprehensive Drivers Education program exceeding the standard requirements by the state of Minnesota. The course includes defensive driving techniques and hands-on, dynamic curriculum taught by experienced, certified instructors. You must attend two separate weeks of classroom, the Permit class (week one) and the Skills class (week two) for a total of 30 hours of classroom instruction. You can choose to take the Permit class and Skills class back to back (traditional schedule) or choose to take the Permit class and then at a later date take the Skills class (flexible schedule). If you choose the flexible schedule the Skills class must be completed within 90 days of the first day of the Permit class. The fee of $185.00 is due upon registration for the Permit class. Students are eligible to receive classroom instruction at age 14.5 or older, however students will need to be age 15 to test for the learner’s permit. You can test for your permit after the Permit class. Once you receive a valid permit, you will take 6 hours of private Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) lessons, comprised of three separate 2-hour BTW lessons. Each BTW lessons costs $65.00 and will be paid directly to A+ Driving school at the lesson. BTW lessons can be scheduled online at or by calling A+ Driving School at 952.469.4656 and includes home pick-up within the boundaries of ISD 719. Must complete Permit Class prior to attending Skills Class!